Drawdown Georgia Resource Portal

Inspired by Project Drawdown and funded by the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the Drawdown Georgia project aims to identify a set of solutions to help Georgia achieve 'drawdown', or the point at which greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations begin to decline on a year-to-year basis, and lead the state of Georgia on a path to carbon neutrality.

The Drawdown Georgia website is hosted at: https://www.drawdownga.org. Sign up to stay informed about Drawdown Georgia.

The Science Behind Drawdown Georgia: Reducing Georgia's Carbon Footprint in  Beneficial and Equitable Ways

For more information on Drawdown Georgia research, contact drawdown@gatech.edu.

Phase One: Selecting High Impact Solutions for GA

1. Technical Review of 75 possible solutions for Georgia

2. Down-select High Impact Solutions

3. Detailed Analysis of 20 High Impact Solutions

4. Directory to Multi-Disciplinary Workgroups

Phase Two: Activating and Tracking Drawdown Solutions

1. Geospatial Tracking

2. Business Engagement

3. Solution Activation