Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management Faculty

Courses are taught by expert faculty, including renowned practitioners in fields ranging from environmental law to alternative energy financing, as well as researchers who are leaders in environmental management, Earth science, and engineering. The program utilizes environmental and sustainable development research and practitioner experience to provide practical training in sustainability management to a new generation of professionals who will address critical interdisciplinary issues.


Blurb / Gallery Set

  • Data Science
  • Policy
  • Management

MSEEM Co-Director

  • Energy Policy Modeling
  • Smart Grid Policies
  • Renewables & EVs
  • Sustainable Urban Systems
  • Social Equity
  • Environmental Planner
  • Mediator

MSEEM Program Coordinator

  • Environmental Economics
  • Climate Policy
  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Infrastructure Policy
  • Energy-Water Nexus
  • Modeling Societal Values
  • Public Management
  • Policy Partnerships
  • Policy Implementation
  • Climate Change Economics
  • Climate Policy

MSEEM Co-Director

  • Environmental Policy
  • Energy Policy Analysis
  • Sustainable Theory
  • Sustainable Practice
  • Green Technology
  • Agent-Based Modeling
  • Climate Change
  • Transportation and Energy
  • Air Quality
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Energy Modeling