Drawdown Georgia Emissions Dashboard

The Drawdown Georgia project is developing an interactive dashboard of estimated GHG emissions and sinks with information that is as local and timely as possible. By bringing this information "home" to stakeholders and citizens, we hope to stimulate individual and collective climate action across Georgia. Go here to see the Geospatial GHG Emissions Tracker.

Why geospatial tracking and visualization?

- Our goal is to help elected officials, concerned citizens, and interested businesses understand their local sources and sinks of greenhouse gas emissions.

- By providing reasonable emission estimates that are as timely as possible and as local as possible.

- Presented in an attractive, interactive, online dashboard format.

DDGA Dashboard

Go here to learn about our dashboard methodology, by sector, based on presentations at four recent seminars:

•Electricity and Residential Buildings: Drs. Marilyn Brown & Bill Drummond 

•Commercial Buildings & Manufacturing: Drs. Dan Matisoff & Bill Drummond

•Transportation: Drs. Rich Simmons & Bill Drummond

•Forests, Farms, and Food: Drs. Jackie Mohan, Jeff Mullen & Bill Drummond