Energy Burden in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Southeast: a Roleplay Simulation

  1. How much of your monthly income do you spend on your energy bill? In other words, "What is your Energy Burden? "

How does this energy burden vary based on one's income, location, education, and skin color? What are the risks and implications associated with energy burden? How can we reduce energy burden?

Southface Energy Institute, Partnership for Southern Equity, the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, and Georgia Tech's Climate and Energy Lab have developed this game over the past several years to help answer such questions.

College students, community organizations, homeowners, energy entrepreneurs, and politicians and all are invited to learn about the reality and challenges of the energy burden in Atlanta, the nation’s capital of income inequality. The goals of this simulation are to introduce students to the basic concepts of energy burden and to help them consider various energy realities faced by different households and communities. The game gives students a chance to delve into the intricacies of smart solutions and create a dialogue for collaborative action.  It provides a platform to not only understand the benefits these programs offer but also to navigate the barriers that may arise when attempting to access and join them.

Community Members & Roleplay Packets:

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  1. Elderly Couple
  2. Grandparents
  3. Couple with Children
  4. Single Parent
  5. Grad Student

Group Report-Out Sheets

Want to learn more? Click below to find local, state, and federal assistance programs and a PowerPoint introducing the game and the concept of Energy Burden in Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and the Southeast.

Assistance Programsand Updated Table of Programs

Click Here for Powerpoint