CEPL Photo Gallery

Dinner with faculty and students from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology on Thursday, October 5, 2017
Marilyn Brown at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research "Assembly" in York, England, with Tyndall Centre Postdoc Yeong Jae Kim (an SPP graduate and CEPL alumni) and Dr. Charles Wilson (Faculty at the University of East Anglia and Tyndall coordinat
Throwback photo - CEPL 2010 Joy Wang, Benjamin Deitchman, Yu Wang, Marilyn Brown, Matt Cox, Gyungwon Kim, Xioajing Sun, Rodrigo Cortes, and Shan Zhou
Scott Valentine (National University of Singapore), Skip Laitner (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), Marilyn Brown, and Frank Southworth (Georgia Tech) at the Atlanta Beltline on July 24, 2017, preparing for the Energy Transitions Forum.
Yeong Jae Kim in the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) Summer School at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, with the Centre's Director, Benjamin Sovacool.
Two 2016 Public Policy PhDs: Sanjay Arora and Xiaojing Sun
Joy Wang (and Ava) and Shan Zhou (and Ethan) with Marilyn Brown on graduation day. "Moms get PhD's too!"
Xiaojing Sun graduates! (shown here on graduation day--May 6, 2016--with Johann Weber, Sanjay Arora, and Vice Provost Susan Cozzens)
Marilyn Brown at the Bipartisan Policy Center's 10th Anniversary Celebration of the 2005 Energy Policy Act, with Joe Kruger, Phil Sharp, and Misha in Washington, DC.
Jenna McGrath, Mallory Flowers, and Ben Staver at ORNL's Manufacturing Demonstration Facility
Strati Car, Bruce and Frank Southworth
Daniel Matisoff, Emanuele Massetti, Ben Staver, and Brian Post
CEPL group at ORNL 2014: from left to right: Alex Smith, Yu Wang, Xiaojing Sun, Ben Staver, Marilyn Brown, Dan Matisoff, Denise Smith, Matt Cox, and Frank Southworth
From left to right: Alex Smith, Caroline Golin, Matt Cox, Mallory Flowers, Xiaojing Sun, Jenna McGrath, Marilyn Brown and Frank Southworth
Xiaojing Sun, Marilyn Brown, Huibin Du, and Frank Southworth with a Peking Duck
Frank Southworth, Marilyn Brown, and Huibin Du at the Tianjin University History Museum
Xiaojing Sun, Huibin Du, Marilyn Brown, Frank Southworth, Duo Li, and Guozhu Mao in Beijing
Visiting Professors Shoufeng MA and Huibin DU at the College of Management and Economics at Tianjin University, China
Benjamin Sovacool, Mark Diesendorf, Marilyn Brown and Scott Valentine at an International Symposium on Energy Transitions at the City University in Hong Kong
CEPL group members: Daniel D'Arcy, Jenna McGrath, Jeff Hubbs, Alex Smith, Drs. Dan Matisoff, Emanuele Massetti, Marilyn Brown, Mallory Flowers, Ben Staver
CEPL visit to the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Beijing Institute of Technology. To the left of Marilyn Brown is PhD candidate Xiaojing Sun, to her right is Professor Center Director Wei, Research Engineer Duo Li, Professor and Asso
CEPL group members: Alex Smith, Yu Wang, Ben Stever, Professors Paul Baer and Marilyn Brown, Jeff Hubbs, Matthew Cox, Xiaojing Sun - at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on June 21,2013
(Back row) Dr. Paul Baer, Dr. Marilyn Brown, Ben Deitchman, Matt Cox, Alex Smith, Ben Staver, (Front row) Xiaojing Sun, Gyungwon Kim, Jeff Hubbs, Yeong Jae Kim
Yu Wang, Xiaojing Sun, Elizabeth Noll, Matt Cox, Gyungwon Kim, Youngsun Baek, Dr. Marilyn Brown