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  • Which climate solutions are available to reduce Georgia's carbon footprint?
  • How much of an impact could each solution have, and what would it cost?
  • Which climate solutions should we invest in first?
  • How do you address equity issues and resolve differences of opinion?

The Drawdown Georgia Climate Solutions Game is a team-based game designed to learn while having fun. It is intended to promote discussion and collaboration about the carbon reduction solutions unique to Georgia.

  • The game requires multiple sets of playing cards that describe the 20 high-impact solutions of Drawdown Georgia along with Wild Cards representing external factors that impact carbon reduction efforts.
  • Players work together to determine which solutions have the greatest impact and strategically play them to reach Georgia’s carbon reduction goal.
  • Through gameplay, participants learn about the carbon reduction efforts in Georgia and the unique attributes of 20 key climate solutions.
  • The end goal of the game is to foster new thought and discussion about these carbon reduction solutions and their respective costs and benefits.
  • See the video below to understand how the game is played:

Blank Cards

Contact Marilyn Brown or Lori Blank for the following resources for instructors:

(1) a spreadsheet with the values to complete the blank boxes on the solution cards, 

(2) the leaderboard and instructions on how to use it.


Rules & Instructions