Poster at ER&SS Conference


Aline Banboukian, PhD candidate, presented a poster on "The role of state and federal governance in coal plant retirements: A case study of the state of Georgia, USA" at the 3rd International Energy Research and Social Science conference in Manchester, England. Her analysis suggests that water regulations are driving coal plant retirements and CO2 reductions in Georgia. 

Aline in Manchester

Jousting with Windmills: West Virginia v. EPA


On June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court ruled on the future of regulating pollution from the U.S. electric sector, curtailing EPA's authority to set emissions reduction targets for power plants. But the federal government has never set such targets. The Clean Power Plan (under former President Barack Obama) and the Affordable Clean Energy Rule (under former President Donald Trump) never took effect. They were “vacated and remanded.” In a sense, this ruling is like Don Quixote’s jousting with windmills; it strikes down an authority that has never been deployed. Read more

Grad Students at Georgia Tech Examine Drawdown Georgia Solutions


In Spring 2022, student teams delivered fantastic papers and video presentations, buoyed by their wide-ranging expertise. Seven of their projects are highlighted here, and you can learn more about them by watching their 20-minute videos here at Georgia Tech’s Drawdown Georgia research portal. Here's one finding: only 7% of Georgia's solar generation comes from rooftop and small-scale solar:

Rooftop solar

Dr. Marilyn Brown Presents on Carbon Reduction Strategies and System Resilience

An image from Dr. Brown's presentation at the Climate and Resilience Conference

Marilyn Brown gave a virtual keynote address at the Climate and Resilience Conference at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, on January 13, 2022. She emphasized policy and technology opportunities to deliver solutions aimed at decarbonizing the electricity system in ways that also enhance resilience and equity.