Request for Proposals: Tracking Climate Solutions in Georgia

Drawdown Georgia is launching a request for proposals tracking climate solutions in Georgia. This task seeks to engage a wider variety of researchers across the state in Drawdown Georgia's ongoing work. This flyer is to let people know about an opportunity to apply for research grants of $15,000 for this summer.

On behalf of Drawdown Georgia, CEPL is pleased to announce the availability of research grants to examine
the adoption and use of high-impact climate solutions in Georgia. This solicitation invites faculty and
research associates from Georgia Universities and Colleges to submit proposals to track climate solutions
around the state. By tracking the implementation of climate solutions, we can identify places that are
leading vs lagging in adoption, winning approaches that can be replicated, and barriers that need to be

A total of 5 grants will be given out, each grant will be for a total of $15,000! To submit a research proposal go to

Application: Tracking Climate Solutions in Georgia