Choosing our Energy Future

Emory University Climate@Emory Lab Georgia Tech School of Public Policy


The Climate and Energy Policy Lab at Georgia Tech and Emory University’s Climate@Emory have hosted two Town Hall meetings to discuss Georgia’s energy future. These events engaged hundreds of stakeholders, including policymakers, practitioners, students, and the general public. The Town Halls explored what is ahead for Georgia, considering potential scenarios associated with policies such as the Clean Power Plan, politics such as the November elections, and various technology and market trends. These conversations led to a list of possible “no-regrets solutions” for Georgia to consider to ensure it is well prepared to thrive among a variety of possible energy futures. They also spawned the creation of the Georgia Climate Project, a partnership between Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Georgia, which will soon be expanded to engage a diversity of educational institutions across the State.

Choosing our Energy Future 2016

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