MSEEM Capstone

"I’m proud of the impressive progress that the students made. Their capstone projects clearly represent work that brings together knowledge acquired from across the program, demonstrating skills and depth of analysis that they did not have a year ago. That’s great, because that’s the goal of the program."

-Dr. Daniel Matisoff after the first-ever MSEEM student capstone presentations, July 28, 2020

About the Capstone

Each year, MSEEM students are tasked with completing a capstone project that identifies and defines a real-world issue in the area(s) of energy, sustainability, and/or environment, as well as a methodology to address the problem. The capstone is completed throughout the summer semester for full-time students.

The 2019-2020 capstones covered a wide range of topics. They included:

  • Selecting a Resilience Framework for a Thriving Community - Alyson Laura LinkedIn Logo
  • Urban Agriculture: A proposal to address food insecurity - Kaiya Murphy LinkedIn Logo
  • An Assessment of the ARC’s Green Communities Certification Program - Sydney-Alyce Bourget LinkedIn Logo
  • How Extended Producer Responsibility Laws Affect Sustainability Metrics: A Coca Cola Case Study - Haley Randolph LinkedIn Logo
  • Assessing Sustainability in Collegiate Athletic Facilities Through LEED Certifications - Tim Cuozzo
  • Impact of the COVID Pandemic on Airline Carbon Emissions - Charlotte King LinkedIn Logo
  • The Impact of Commuting Behaviors & Policies on Scope 3 GHG Emissions at Georgia Tech - Katie Maxwell LinkedIn Logo
  • Reducing CO2 Emissions from the Georgia Motor Fleet Assessing Alternative Sources of Electricity in Georgia - Caleb Weed LinkedIn Logo
  • Assessing Alternative Sources of Electricity in Georgia - Valentina Sanmiguel Herrera LinkedIn Logo
  • Evaluating Contaminated Lands for Solar PV with Georgia Case Study - Hamilton Steimer LinkedIn Logo
  • Open Data Hubs and the Future of Public Management: The Case of Energy Savings - Becky Rafter LinkedIn Logo

You can view the full program from July 28, 2020 here. Some of the presentations have been uploaded below; click on each image to view them.

Previous Capstone Presentations

Blurb / Gallery Set

Title slide for Tim Cuozzo's capstone presentation.

Title slide of Charlotte King's capstone presentation.

Title slide for Katie Maxwell's capstone presentation.

Title slide of Valentina Sanmiguel Herrera's capstone presentation.

Title slide for Hamilton Steimer's capstone presentation.

Title slide of Caleb Weed's capstone presentation.