MSEEM/CSEEM Curriculum

The Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management (SEEM) program is designed to have a professional focus in Sustainable Energy & Environmental Management.

To earn the CSEEM certificate, students are required to complete 12 credit hours consisting of 3 key elements:

Flow chart of the CSEEM curriculum: 2 required courses: Sustainable Energy & Environmental Management plus Economics of Environmental Policy; one quantitative methods course; one SEEM elective or policy and management elective.

The MSEEM can be completed either full time (4-4-2 courses in a single year) or part time (2-2-1 courses each year for 2 years).

To earn the MSEEM degree, students are required to complete 30 credit hours consisting of 5 key elements:

Flow chart for the MSEEM degree requirements: two required courses; two quantitative methods courses; three SEEM electives plus one policy and management elective; a professional paper to be completed in two three-credit-hour courses.

Course Subjects

  • Public Policy (PUBP)
  • Aerospace Engineering (AE)
  • Building Construction (BC)
  • Chemical & Biomolecular Engr (CHBE)
  • City Planning (CP)
  • Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS)
  • History, Technology & Society (HTS)
  • International Affairs (INTA)
  • Materials Science & Engr (MSE)
  • Architecture (ARCH)
  • Chemistry (CHEM)
  • Civil and Environmental Engr (CEE)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Industrial & Systems Engr (ISYE)
  • Management (MGT)
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Illustrative MSEEM Curriculum, One Year, Full Time

Below are some of the most popular courses offered each semester and the subjects they cover. For a full list of those available to take, visit the MSEEM Courses page.


Legend for the illustrative curriculum courses.

Fall Semester

Total Semester Credit Hours: 12

A table of fall course offerings and the subjects they cover.

Spring Semester

Total Semester Credit Hours: 12

A table of spring course offerings and the subjects they cover.

Summer Semester

Total Semester Credit Hours: 6

  • PUBP 6801:┬áCapstone Research/Project Paper
    The summer term of the MSEEM will be devoted to the Capstone Project in which students identify and define a real-world problem in the area(s) of energy, sustainability and/or environment and a methodology (from one learned in the methods electives courses) to address the problem. During the identification of the problem and the development of the project, students will apply their knowledge and skills in order to deliver valuable solutions.