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Title: A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on European Agriculture
Format: Working Paper
Publication Date: March 2016
Description: © 2016 Springer Science+Business Media DordrechtThis research estimates the impact of climate on European agriculture using a continental scale Ricardian analysis. Climate, soil, geography and regional socio-economic variables are matched with farm level data from 41,030 farms across Western Europe. We demonstrate that a median quantile regression outperforms OLS given farm level data. The results suggest that European farms are slightly more sensitive to warming than American farms with impacts from (Formula presented.)5 to (Formula presented.)32 % by 2100 depending on the climate scenario. Farms in Southern Europe are predicted to be particularly sensitive, suffering losses of (Formula presented.)5 to (Formula presented.)9 % per degree Celsius.
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Citation: 1 - 36. ISSN 0924-6460. DOI 10.1007/s10640-016-0001-y.
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  • Climate and Energy Policy Laboratory
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