Emerging industrial innovations to create new energy efficient technologies

Title: Emerging industrial innovations to create new energy efficient technologies
Format: Conference
Publication Date: December 2005
Description: A significant part of the discussion surrounding industrial efficiency gains focuses on industry's own use of technologies. Often overlooked in the discussion is industry's role as a developer of the technologies used both by industry and all other sectors within the economy. For example, industry may perhaps adopt new technologies or processes which provide cost-effective energy bill savings. At the same time, however, its role as a technology innovator -whether developing a new generation of fuel cell vehicles, "on- demand" manufacturing capabilities, or new plastics that double as integrated photovoltaic systems - may play an even larger role in the more productive use of our energy resources. This paper explores recent work on industrial innovation, often involving public-private partnerships, and provides a context to understand the role of innovation. It highlights a number of emerging technologies that may foster an even greater energy savings than might be apparent from looking at industry's own energy use patterns alone. © 2005 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry.
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