Barriers to the Diffusion of Climate Friendly Technologies

Title: Barriers to the Diffusion of Climate Friendly Technologies
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 2011

Based on an extensive literature review and research interviews of energy experts, this article asks: what are the remaining impediments to clean energy systems and how can a Post-Kyoto Protocol climate framework be designed to overcome them? The article begins by exploring commercially available 'clean' energy systems and practices relating to energy end-use and infrastructure, energy supply, carbon capture and storage, and non-CO2 related greenhouse gas emissions. The article then examines a selection of persistent financial, market, information and intellectual property barriers. Lastly, it articulates the implication of these barriers for the design of future national and international climate change policies.

Ivan Allen College Contributors:
External Contributors: Benjamin K. Sovacool

International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialization. 10. Issue 1. 43 - 62.

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