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Title: Residential Energy Consumption in Low-Income and Elderly Households: How Nondiscretionar Is It?
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: 1985
Published In: Energy systems and policy

The paper analyzes data on a sample of Decatur, Illinois homeowners living in single-family, detached dwelling units. The data include utility bill histories and survey information on housing characteristics, energy-related behavior, attitudes, and socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. It shows that residential energy consumption per square foot of living space is significantly higher for the elederly and poor than for the other groups in the Decatur sample. By breaking energy use into seasonal components, the paper estimates consumption for various household uses. This information, combined with the survey data, suggests that both subgroups have significant discretionary energy use, partly because of the conditions of their homes and partly because of their energy-related behavior. The public policy implications of this finding are discussed.

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Energy systems and policy. 9. Issue 3. 271 - 301. ISSN 0090-8347.

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