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Title: The solar neighborhood. X. New nearby stars in the southern sky and accurate photometric distance estimates for red dwarfs
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: November 2004
Published In: Astronomical Journal
Description: Photometric (V JR CI C) and spectroscopic (6000-9500 Å) observations of high-proper-motion stars discovered during the first phase of the SuperCOSMOS RECONS (SCR) search are used to estimate accurate distances to eight new nearby red dwarfs, including probable 10 pc sample members SCR 1845-6357 (M8.5 Vat 4.6 pc), the binary SCR 0630-7643AB (M6. 0 V J at 7.0 pc), and SCR 1138-7721 (M5.0 Vat 9.4 pc). Distance estimates are determined using a suite of new photometric color-M Ks relations defined using a robust set of nearby stars with accurate VRIJHK s photometry and trigonometric parallaxes. These relations are used with optical and infrared photometry to estimate distances on a uniform system (generally good to 15%) for two additional samples of red nearby star candidates: several recently discovered members of the solar neighborhood and known faint stars with proper motions in excess of 1″.0 yr -1 south of decl. = -57°.5. Of those without accurate trigonometric parallax measurements, there are five stars in the first sample and three in the second that are likely to be within 10 pc. The two nearest are SO 0253+1652 (M7.0 Vat 3.7 pc) and DENIS 1048-3956 (M8.5 Vat 4.5 pc). When combined with SCR 1845-6357, these three stars together represent the largest increase in the 5 pc sample in several decades. Red spectra are presented for the red dwarfs, and types are given on the RECONS standard spectral system. Red spectra are also given for two new nearby white dwarfs for which we estimate distances from the photometry of less than 20 pc: WD 0141-675 (LHS 145; 9.3 pc) and SCR 2012-5956 (17.4 pc). WD 0141-675 brings the total number of systems nearer than 10 pc discussed in this paper to 12.
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Citation: Astronomical Journal. 128. Issue 5. 2460 - 2473. ISSN 0004-6256. DOI 10.1086/425052.
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