Alumni and Affiliates

Joy Wang and Shan Zhou with Dr. Marilyn Brown
Xiaojing Sun, our newest Georgia Tech CEPL alumni (Graduation day, May 6, 2016, with Johann Weber, Sanjay Arora, and Vice Provost Susan Cozzens)
  • Rodrigo Cortes, Assistant Professor at the University of Talca, Peru:

  • Youngsun Baek:

  • Nick Cooper:

  • Matthew Cox:

  • Daniel D'Arcy:

  • Benjamin Deitchman:

  • Mallory Flowers, postdoctoral researcher in Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

  • Fanny Guezennec:​Emory UniversityNREL

  • Jeff Hubbs:

  • Yeong Jae Kim: of TalcaORNL

  • Melissa Lapsa:

  • Dong-Yeon Lee: dlee348@gatech.eduThe Greenlink Grouptyndall centre for climate change research

  • Mary Shoemaker:

  • Ben Staver, Senior Energy Analyst, ICF, Ben.Staver@icf.comICF

  • Xiaojing Sun:

  • Yu Wang:

  • Joy Wang

  • Shan Zhou

  • Roderick Jackson:

''Roderick Jackson (pictured to the right) was cited for exemplary leadership in communicating the innovative science and technology behind the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy Demonstration Project, a collaborative effort that integrates advanced systems for generating, storing and using electrical power for both buildings and vehicles. Jackson also received the Science Communicator Award.