Alumni and Affiliates

Joy Wang and Shan Zhou with Dr. Marilyn Brown
Xiaojing Sun (Graduation day, May 6, 2016, with Johann Weber, Sanjay Arora, and Vice Provost Susan Cozzens)
  • Lindsay Averett, Senior Environmental Specialist, Oglethorpe Power:

  • Youngsun Baek, Energy Modeler, Union of Concerned Scientists:

  • Usayd Casewit, Consultant, Energy & Extractives Global Practice, World Bank:

  • Rodrigo Cortes, Assistant Professor, University of Talca, Peru:

  • Nick Cooper, Utility Engineer, GA Public Service Commission:

  • Matthew Cox, Chief Executive Officer, The Greenlink Group:

  • Daniel D'Arcy, Scientific Integrity Research and Outreach Support Associate, U.S. EPA:

  • Benjamin Deitchman, Public Policy Analyst, Georgia Public Service Commission:

  • NRELMallory Flowers, postdoctoral researcher in Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

  • Emory UniversityCaroline Golin at Google in Atlanta

  • Fanny Guezennec, R&D Manager, Climate Strategy and Sustainability Markets, EcoAct:​

  • Jeff Hubbs, IT, Academia and Research; Energy Systems Tech And Policy, Emory University: jeffrey.hubbs@gmail.comQuest Renewables

  • Rainey Jernigan, Business Operations Manager, Quest Renewables, Inc.ACEEEEcoAct

  • Benjamin Jordan, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Gyungwon Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow in Energy Systems Modeling, EPA Research Participation Program

  • Yeong Jae Kim, RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE):

  • Melissa Lapsa, Group Leader, Building Envelope and Urban Systems Research, and Deputy Director, Urban Dynamics Institute, ORNLORNL: lapsamv@ornl.govUniversity of Talca

  • Dong-Yeon Lee, Argonne National Laboratory:

  • Yufei Li,  IHS Markit, Senior Research Analyst

  • Elise Logan, Senior Consultant, Deliotte: c.elise.logan@gmail.comAmazon

  • Soobin Oh, Intern, Amazon

  • Tony Sarkis, Junior Consultant, mc2i Group: tony.sarkis@insa-lyon.frCoca-Cola

  • Mary Shoemaker, State Policy Analyst, ACEEE:

  • Ben Staver, Senior Associate, ICF:

  • Anmol Soni, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, E.J. Ourso College of Business, Louisiana State University


  • Xiaojing Sun, Wood Mackenzie in San Francisco

  • ICFYu Wang, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Iowa State University:

  • Joy Wang, Specialist, Michigan Energy Office:

  • tyndall centre for climate change researchShan Zhou: Michigan Technology University,

  • Roderick Jackson, Laboratory Program Manager II, NREL:

''Roderick Jackson (pictured to the right) was cited for exemplary leadership in communicating the innovative science and technology behind the Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy Demonstration Project, a collaborative effort that integrates advanced systems for generating, storing and using electrical power for both buildings and vehicles. Jackson also received the Science Communicator Award.